Try something new. Maybe you’ll love it!

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What can I expect from each class?

uforia studios focuses on making your experience memorable, challenging and fun! We provide a welcoming community environment where the focus is on you.  Teachers will introduce themselves, make you feel welcome and ask about any existing injuries you may have. If you have an injury, they will offer modifications to prevent any aggravation.

How do I start?

It’s easy! Please sign-up online for classes. Please arrive at the studio 10 minutes early to fill out our waiver, get a short tour and grab your towel and water and meet your teacher.

Also check out the new client specials here.

What do I need for class?

A willingness to try something new. We all started somewhere. There’s nothing wrong with having 2 left feet, or if you haven’t worked out in a long time. Please bring yourself and wear comfortable exercising clothing, athletic shoes and a water bottle.

What about Parking?

We have nearly unlimited underground parking, please follow the street signs from Ramona St. and park in any PUBLIC PARKING spaces.

I’ve never done a group fitness class, where do I start?

All our classes are designed for beginners and fitness lifers alike. Our world class instructors provide many options in class which allow you to go at your own pace and truly enjoy your workout, regardless is you’re brand new, or work out everyday. The types of classes you choice depend on what your fitness aspirations are and what your interests are. Please see our ASPIRATIONS (coming soon) page for more help with goal setting and class selection.

In general:

fever a throwback to traditional aerobics, but with an athletic flare. Perfect for non-dancers, dancers and the rest of us.

Zumba – For anyone looking to enjoy great music who’s tired of traditional cardio classes and isn’t afraid of moving to music and burning serious calories.

GRIT – The perfect blend of strength, conditioning and cardio. We designed GRIT to challenge you and to help build long, lean muscles. Don’t focus on the reps, focus on the beats of the music that we will move to, keeping you entertained and engaged.

Revolutions – The newest style of indoor cycling! Developed by a dancer, the focus is on experiencing the high-energy music for a full body workout in 45 minutes! The motivating music is sure to have you cycle, groove, dance and move to the fabulous beats.

uCycle – This is not your typical spinning class. This class is for anyone who is looking to enjoy their hour with great music, great teachers in a party atmosphere and build their confidence and burn lots of calories.