One Easy Way To Stay Sane, Healthy, and Fit During the Holiday Season (Guest Post)

Suzy 2


Suzanne Mansell has 10 years of coaching experience in helping others affect positive change in their lives. Her mission is to help women live happier, healthier, and more blissfully. 




I specialize in working with Women Who Do Too Much.


You know who you are.


Whether you’re running your own business, raising kids (or pets or significant others), studying for exams, or all of the above, time probably seems to escape you on a daily basis. And—as the holiday season hits—things only get hairier.
So I’d like to share with you one of my key tips for staying sane, healthy, fit (and hopefully fabulous!) during this whirlwind season.


Make an appointment with yourself each day.


I mean this for real. Put “Me Time” in your Outlook or Google calendar right now. Often my executive clients look at me like I’m crazy after making this suggestion. “What if my assistant (or my boss) sees this in my calendar?!” Well, call it something else if you feel it sounds silly! It’s the concept that’s important. This block of time is for you to consistently re-establish your commitment to your own self-care.


Don’t have a consistent exercise routine? Then perhaps your Me Time consists of a Rev, Defy Yoga, or Hip Hop class. Schedule your classes online at least 1 week ahead of time—it will help you keep this commitment while planning out the rest of your week.


Can’t sleep? Then utilize this time to decompress before bedtime. Do a tech detox (no emails or Facebooking at least 1 hour before bed) and try a calming activity like reading a book or journaling to get your thoughts on paper and out of your head before you hit the hay.


Not sure how to utilize this block of time? Do a simple check-in with yourself: “Am I taking care of myself today? What can I do to support my health today?” Just being aware—and not zipping through your day like a robot—can be extremely effective in keeping you focused on your priorities.


But here’s the kicker: your Me Time appointment becomes more important the busier you get. The reality is that you’ll be tempted to cancel this appointment to do other things that may appear more important in the moment. But I promise you, if you keep this appointment, you will feel less like a victim to all of the “shoulds” that creep into your life around this time of year.


One other suggestion: don’t let FOMO get the best of you! Although holiday events are fun, they can also be depleting, often paving the way for an immune system breakdown.


So– while you’re taking part in the merriment this holiday season, also keep the focus on YOU. Come January, while everyone else is focused on New Years resolutions, you’ll be one step ahead ☺


Check out Suzanne’s blog for more self-care tips. uforia clients will receive a discount on her upcoming 2015 retreat, ‘Just Be—A time to Re-start, Re-boot, & Re-purpose!’

All About Us: Julieanne



We’re so excited to welcome Julieanne to our growing Defy Yoga team. She brings more than 15 years of experience to her yoga practice and loves combining music and yoga to help calm and focus the mind and energize the body. Join her for a strong and fluid class that helps build flexibility and strength while also focusing on breath and mindfulness.  Read more about her, then join her on a mat every Tuesday at 10:50am and Sunday at 4:00pm. 


What inspired you to become a yoga instructor? 

I began my practice over 15 years ago in my small hometown on the northern tip of Vancouver Island in Canada, but I was inspired to start my teacher training after experiencing an amazing class in LA that combined loud, amazing hip-hop, pop, and club music with Vinyasa Flow yoga!

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

I can’t start my day without my 2 cups of Tazo Awake English Breakfast tea with a touch of milk. That’s a must every morning!

What is your go-to for post-class hydration?

I love anything from Pressed Juicery, especially the vanilla-almond signature blend.

What’s your favorite song right now?

That’s a tough one! It’s a tie between “Listening to Crazy” by Kat Dahlia and “Baby Don’t Lie” by Gwen Stefani. 

What are you doing when you aren’t on the mat?

I love running! My favorite run in the area is the Stanford Dish. When I’m not teaching yoga or running as a workout, I’m probably running after my two little boys, Oliver (age 7) and Henry (age 5).

What #uforialove Means To Us

We love how strong the uforia community is and have been especially blown away with the spirit and love that we’ve seen over the past week during our #uforialove celebration. We thought this was the perfect time to talk to some of our wonderful uforians about what uforialove means to them. Check out what they had to say, and let us know what it means to you! 

lisaLisa C.

When I walked into uforia for the first time a year ago, I thought I was just signing up for some spin classes. I had no idea that it would become part of my daily routine. We had just moved from Denver and I didn’t know that many people. Now some of my closest friends are ladies that I dance and sweat with multiple times a week. And as an added bonus, I have lost over 20 pounds and almost 4 inches!



carmenCarmen S.

I started coming to uforia a year and a half ago after a knee replacement surgery. I loved it from the very beginning. The instructors and staff immediately embraced me as well as my friends. It has been a blast trying new classes. I have met some incredible people, and it seems that everyone has an interesting story.
The girls at the front desk make my day with their big smiles….thank you!
The instructors are beyond fabulous during and after workouts!
I love the loud music and all the little surprises you guys come up with. I am lucky to be part of uforia!

IMG_4123Fiona M.

Way back in 2011, my friend convinced me to come try a Zumba class with her. I never expected that uforia would be such a huge part of my life over three years later! I’ve experienced uforia as a client, concierge, and now as part of the Marketing team – at every stage, uforia has felt like family. It’s really special to be able to show up at the studio after work and be surrounded by a room of people who are so supportive and full of such amazing energy. uforia has changed my outlook on exercise and introduced me to some of my closest friends – I’m so proud to be part of this amazing community!

IMG_3957Tessa P.

I was looking for a fitness community when I joined uforia, but I ended up finding a family. My fellow Rev instructors have been a truly special support network, and many of them have become some of my closest friends. I’ve also found a family in the amazing uforia clients. After even the hardest day, a class full of devoted, fun, and smiling uforians always brings me back to life. I love this place, and I love these people. #uforialove



All About Us – Hattie

hattie headshotWe’re thrilled to welcome Hattie as one of our new Defy Yoga Rockstars! Hattie shares her uforia through the post-yoga glow. Her classes are inspiring, energizing, and fun, featuring heat-building, flowing sequences and a blissful relaxation. You are sure to leave class glowing with both sweat and optimism. Hattie fell head-over-heels (and heels-over-head) in love with yoga during college. Inspired to share this joy with others, she completed her yoga teaching certification under the mentorship of Kelly McGonigal. Hattie received her bachelor’s degree from Harvard and is currently training to become a physical therapist. Read more about her below, then join her on a mat Saturdays at 11:20am!


Favorite Post-Workout Snack:

PB&J. Sometimes I get extra adventurous and go for almond butter, honey, and bananas. But mostly my food preferences haven’t changed since age 10.


Favorite Yoga Pose:

Savasana! At the end of yoga class (after all the moving, flowing, hard work and sweating) relaxing into stillness is just deliciously sweet. Runners-up: Handstand and Pigeon.

hattie 1


Favorite Weather:

I moved here from Boston 5 years ago, and I love the East Coast summertime lightning & thunder storms with pouring rain.


Favorite animal:

Elephants! They’re vegetarian and matriarchal. Strong and playful. What’s not to love? There’s not really an elephant pose in yoga, so I made one up. Check out my class to see what it is ;-)


hattie 2.jpgFavorite part about teaching yoga:

I love the before/after transformation. Students can come to class feeling stressed or tired but they leave looking so refreshed, empowered, and happy. You can see it on their faces. It’s like a yoga brightening facial treatment or something. If I could bottle that, I think I would get very rich.


Favorite phrase:

“If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing.” I would add, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” I love how Uforia brings this out in all of us!

Favorite way to sweat (other than yoga):

Dancing! Both dance and yoga classes feel to me like celebrations of being alive—so much joy and so much fun. I was a pretty hardcore athlete growing up, so discovering zumba and hip hop after college was like discovering this whole new world of exercise. I love the group atmosphere and everyone’s willingness be a bit theatrical and goofy.