Saturday Style – Adiel

Here at uforia, we spend a lot of time embracing the sweat. However, we don’t think that we need to sacrifice style while we rock a ponytail and tap it back in Revolutions or get down in Hip Hop. We’re big fans of cute workout gear that’s fun and functional, and lets us express our personal style. This week, one of our favorite new moms, Adiel, shares her favorite looks for shaking it in dance class or the Underground! Check out more of her personal style on her blog, It’s Because I Think Too Much. Or, find her on TwitterInstagram &Pinterest as @tripylkis!

Adiel fashion 1

I’ve been dancing in one form or another for most of my life, but when I found my life as an adult void of choreography, I felt a little incomplete. That is until I discovered Zumba a few years back. Now it’s become my happy place, my way to ease the stress. I can just take to the floor to shimmy and sweat my cares away.


Adiel fashion 4That’s why I was thrilled when I discovered uforia, it’s Zumba classes, and eventually all the other amazing offerings. Because I workout so much more frequently than I ever did at any other gym, I knew I had to add a little variety to my workout wardrobe. That meant finding fun, stylish, and unique pieces to mix and match.


When I shop for activewear, I tend to avoid basics that everyone else will be wearing such as plain black pants. Instead I opt for pieces with bright colors and/or fun patterns, especially in pants. I also love adding articles with unique cuts such as layered tanks with side cut-outs or fun straps in back. Lastly, I like to play around with color pairings for optimum outfit awesomeness!


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Celebrate Your Birthday at Uforia!

Did you know that uforia hosts birthday parties, as well as bachelorette parties, company bonding events, and more? What could be better than celebrating by embracing the sweat with all of your friends in a fun, high energy class! Plus, you know that uforia knows how to party – we’re happy to arrange for drinks and snacks after you work up an appetite. 

We were lucky to celebrate Lisa Himmel’s birthday this past weekend. Here’s what she had to say about celebrating with her uforia family: 

Lisa birthdayI am admittedly a sucker for birthdays and find myself anxiously awaiting my own every year.  It’s not so much the attention that I like, but more so,  the gathering of great friends, with good food and some celebratory activity. This year marks a birthday milestone for me: I turned thirty and quite honestly could not have been more ready to leave my 20′s behind.  I realize that I have somehow managed to maintain a youthful exterior, basically since high school. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a reaction of shock to my age, such as “but you look sooooo young” then I’d be the richest preschool teacher in the peninsula. I don’t have a special secret, but genetics and my love and devotion to fitness are certainly key factors.

Fitness plays a pivotal role in my life and I incorporate some form of it in every day, especially if it involves a class at uforia. You have probably seen me week nights, revving it out on my favorite bike (yes I have a chosen front-row spot) and I love sharing my passion, enthusiasm and positive attitude with other clients.  Thus, when the opportunity came up to celebrate my  birthday with uforia, I couldn’t think of a place I’d rather be!

lisa birthday 2Alissia’s themed Revolutions class was perfect and exactly what I had envisioned. I was in heaven rocking out to 80s mash-ups – a nice homage to my birth year, 1984. After class, we celebrated with mimosas and muffins!

Since I was lucky to have the day off on my birthday, I also took Lissy’s amazing GRIT class and couldn’t resist going three for thirty by topping the day off with Erin’s Revolutions that evening - one class for each decade of my life!

All of the Rockstars made me feel so special and I loved celebrating with my uforia family.



 We want to celebrate your special day! Be sure to let the Concierge know when your birthday is coming up so that we can show you some birthday love. If you’re really ready to party, email to build your own custom celebration. 

Here are some ideas of what we can do to celebrate your big day! Prices vary. 

Pop, Fizz, Clink @ uforia! 

  • Have a private class for you and your friends with your favorite rockstar
  • Custom playlist with all of your favorites
  • Cupcakes and party gear for everyone
  • Custom party invitations
  • Space in the main studio for post class treats and gifts or just hang out with your guests



All About Us: Raquel’s Favorites

If you haven’t had the chance to tap it back in Raquel’s Revolutions class yet, you’re missing out! This Kindergarten teacher brings sunshine wherever she goes and spins high-energy, uplifting tunes – a perfect combination to wake you up in our Morning Warrior classes or for a 10:15am pre-brunch sweat on Sundays. Check out some of the things that are making her smile these days, then come embrace the sweat with her!

Favorite Way to Embrace The Sweat (other than Revolutions, of course!):

Hot Yoga – Because there is something so daring and delicious about going upside down in a steamy room. My mat and the bike are my safe places to start taking risks and pushing my limits. I aim to bring a little bit of my yoga-self to the Underground by helping riders connect the emotion and energy from their ride to other aspects of their lives.

Favorite Outfit:

This has to be a tie between my unitard and the neon gear I rock for the neon Thursday morning warrior class. It’s 6:15am and still dark outside, so we wake up Palo Alto wearing our brightest colors and getting rowdy for a pre-workday pump-up session! As far as the unitard goes…you’ll have to come visit me on a Sunday to see what I mean if you haven’t already. Where else am I going to wear one?!

Favorite Post-Class Drink:

Clearly Kombucha! So many yummy flavors and local, organic, healthy, blah, blah, blah…mostly, it tastes really refreshing and the flavors rock- strawberry hibiscus, asian pear, and raspberry ginger are my favorites.  Bonus: I can grab it right after class at uforia!

Favorite Quote:

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” from Sheryl Sandberg in Lean In. It reminds me to think big, try new things, and be bold.

Favorite Song:

How could I possibly choose just one, given the zillions I select to build my playlists?? Lately I can’t get enough of “Drop It Low” by Kat Deluna. Thanks to Alisha for showing us how to do that for real in Hip Hop! Check out this playlist for a sampling of the other tunes you’ll hear in my classes, then come wake up with me at 6:15 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at 10:15am on Sundays!

All About Us: Briana

Dance Pic 1We are thrilled to welcome Briana to our growing dance team as our newest Fuego teacher! Briana brings tremendous energy, a spicy personality, and some serious booty-popping skills to uforia, so be sure to check out her class on Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Keep reading to learn more about her and to check out some of her favorite beats for a preview of what you’ll shake it to in her class. Fun fact: she’s Alisha’s little sister! What a talented family!


What is your dance background? 

I pretty much came out of the womb dancing! Both my parents were dancers, and my sister was already in dance classes, so they didn’t waste any time in getting me in class. Dance was a huge part of my life growing up. I trained pre-professionally in ballet and modern for years, traveling to New York and other cities during summers to get looked at by different companies…until I discovered theater! In high school, I fell in love with acting and shifted some of my focus there, but dance is obviously still a huge passion of mine and a part of who I am!

dance pic 2What do you love about uforia and teaching Fuego? 

I first discovered uforia through Alisha. She kept raving about the Hip Hop classes she was taking, so I decided to check it out. It sounds cheesy, but I really fell in love with the atmosphere and energy of uforia right away. For me, Hip Hop is my happy place, and it brings a lot of freedom. You just get let go, have fun, and shake off everything negative. I think that’s why I love uforia, it’s a healthy outlet for all the craziness life throws your way…I also love that everyone gets to come fly their sexy flag for at least an hour!
I LOVE Fuego!!! Latin music has always had a special place in my heart. I worked in Nicaragua every summer teaching Theatre for 5 years, so I speak Spanish, and have a strong personal connection to a lot of the songs and artists we use in Fuego. I think Fuego is an amazingly sassy, fun, and joyful twist on the Hip Hop class format.


What are you up to when you aren’t at uforia?
I wear many hats outside uforia. I teach creative writing to elementary students at several schools in the Palo Alto/Menlo Park area through a program called Society of Young Inklings. I also work as a barrista at Philz (come visit me!)  and I work as an actress at different theaters locally!


Favorite post-class treats?
I LOVE the natural frozen yogurt with shaved chocolate and strawberries at Fraiche! YUM. If I’m not at Philz or uforia, I’m probably at Fraiche :)


What else should we know about you?
I’ve been to China twice and LOVE it – I’m even in the process of learning Chinese. On that note, I love languages in general, and one day would love to speak three languages fluently (I’m two thirds of the way there!)
I am the definition of a super fan when it comes to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (check out my Gryffindor water bottle next time we’re both at uforia…it’s pretty cool!)
Finally, I love Michael Jackson. I listened to my first MJ song at 9 years old, and immediately ordered every single CD and DVD of his songs/music videos I could get my hands on. He continues to be a major inspiration for me!