Embrace the Sweat

Are you ready to Embrace the Sweat?!? Here at uforia, we like to embrace a sweaty lifestyle every day, but sometimes it’s fun to raise the stakes a little bit. Many of you may remember our Embrace the Sweat competition from last winter – a fun, fierce contest to inspire uforians to get sweaty and get involved in the uforia community. 

Embrace the Sweat is back, but this time it’s a team-based charity competition, benefitting the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. Participants will be split into 4 teams,each led by one of our fabulous Master Teachers. These team captains will not only act as your Embrace the Sweat gurus throughout the competition, but will also compete in some exciting Master Teacher challenges. Keep reading for all of the details, then sign up on the online schedule under “BUY CLASSES” or swing by our booth at Social Saturday this weekend!


  • 2-weeks of fun physical and social challenges, such as taking back-to-back classes or posting on social media.
  • Each challenge will be assigned a certain number of points. After completing the task, you will add that number of points to your team’s score board at the studio.


  • May 12th – May 23rd. We’ll end with a big celebration on May 23rd!


  • Primarily at uforia, though some challenges may take you to some interesting locations in the neighborhood!


  • Why not?!?
  • But seriously, who doesn’t love a little competition and a chance to help your team bring home the gold? It will be tons of fun, and a great way to spice up your fitness routine.

How do I sign up?:


  • $30
  • This covers your EtS participant package (including a special tote bag, team swag and other treats!) with all further proceeds benefitting the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

What’s in it for me?:

  • A sweet participant pack full of goodies.
  • An opportunity to score prizes throughout the competition.
  • The fame and glory of bringing home gold for your team and having an awesome time throughout!

Team Captains:

  • Jess – Purple Team
  • Lauren – Orange Team
  • Lissy – Pink Team
  • Shane – Blue Team

Space is limited on each team, so sign up early. You can purchase your ticket on the schedule under BUY CLASSES.  There will be more information available at the Embrace the Sweat table at Social Saturday.

Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout the challenge using #EmbracetheSweat

Music Mondays – Coachella!

On Mondays, we’ll bring you great tunes from the uforia family. The songs are linked to Spotify, so just click and rock out!

jess excitedUforia Sample-3547Did you have a chance to rock out with Lauren and Jess in their Coachella-themed GRIT and Revolutions classes this Saturday? If not, you missed lots of braids, Jess riding in jean shorts, and some seriously sweet tunes. But don’t worry – by popular request, we have both playlists to share with you. Enjoy some of the best of Coachella while avoiding the dust storms. Crop tops are optional!

Coachella GRIT

Coachella Revolutions

Music Mondays – Concierge Team

On Mondays, we’ll bring you great tunes from the uforia family. The songs are linked to Spotify, so just click and rock out!

You see their smiling faces in the studio every day, but did you know that the lovely ladies of our concierge team also have killer taste in music? Check out their recommendations for tunes that make them want to sing along, sweat it out, and, apparently, hug people.




Alice: Sam Sparro – Black & Gold : When this song comes up on my playlist, it instantly makes me want to start grooving- I love the synth beat driving it and the mix of electro sounds.




Lindsay: Iggy Azalea – Fancy : I’ve been listening to this song on repeat since it came out and am still not sick of it. It’s super catchy, upbeat, and great for workout playlists!


Raina cropped


Raina: Lady Gaga – Gypsy : It’s so catchy and has a great beat! It’s a great song to work out to as well; it always gets me in the mood to sweat.


sabine cropped


Sabine:  The Osmonds – One Bad Apple : It’s totally random but I woke up with this song stuck in my head a few weeks ago and it’s still there! It’s so upbeat and fun.  It cheers me up whenever stress gets me down.


Grace cropped

Grace: Sam Smith – Lay Me Down – Acoustic Version : This acoustic cover has had me swooning the past few weeks. Sam Smith is soo soulful, and the lyrics are so earnest and sad–I just wanna give him a hug! Actually, it makes me want to hug everyone!


Anna cropped


Anna:  MKTO – Classic : I first heard this song at uforia and haven’t been able to get enough of it ever since. I can’t help but sing along!

Social Saturday – April 26th!

The event we’ve all been waiting for is finally here…Social Saturday! (formerly known as our fabulous Open House) We’ve revamped this annual event with a fun new name and will have lots of exciting surprises in store for you throughout the day. But, we’ll still have lots of mini sample classes, so now’s your chance to branch out and try that dance or Revolutions class you’ve always wanted to try!


In addition to kick-ass FREE classes and food, we’ll also have 20% off all class packs and clothing!

Bring a friend new to uforia and they’ll get a special gift. Plus, we all know that taking classes together is much more fun!

  • 8am – Wake up with uforia – Coffee from Peet’s — Embrace the Sweat Team Challenge sign up opens

    • 8:30am – uCycle

    • 9am – GRIT

  • 9:30 – Get Juiced — Project Juice “Getting the Perfect form on the bike” – Bruce/Corey

    • 10am – Revolutions

    • 10:15am – Zumba

  • 10:45am – Build your own parfait

  • 11:15am – “Revolutions form intro” Tessa

  • Mini Classes

    • 11:30 am – Revolutions (Tessa)

    • 12:00 – Hip Hop (Lee)

    • 12:30 am – GRIT (Lissy)

  • 1:00pm-  “Honoring our uforian success stories”

  • 1:30 – Intro to Dance – Dance Party & Team Teach (Lee & Matt)

  • Clearly Kombucha cocktails, Chocolate tasting and snacks from Nibnaks!

Sign up now, first 25 people get a very special gift bag!clearly

We’ll also have our friends providing some very tasty treats: