Saturday Style – Megan

Here at uforia, we spend a lot of time embracing the sweat. However, we don’t think that we need to sacrifice style while we rock a ponytail and tap it back in Revolutions or get down in Hip Hop. We’re big fans of cute workout gear that’s fun and functional, and lets us express our personal style. This week, Megan shares her fitness fashion favorites. Check out her Instagram for lots of fashion inspiration,  for both the studio and the street! Megan_3


Megan_2I’ve always been a fan of staying true to one’s own personal style, and for me that’s stylish fitness-wear whether I’m in the studio taking a class or out going about my day. One of my latest favorite quotes goes “Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” While a part of me loves sky-high stilettos, a tried and true leather jacket and a solid pair of skinny jeans, my devotion to athletic-wear is kind of obvious in the accumulation of spandex leggings, tanks, and not to mention the massive shoe collection I’ve developed in just a handful of months.

Megan_1It’s sort of perfect that uforia walked into my life (or is it the other way around?) because these days I’m never lacking an opportunity to style an outfit for the gym.

Whether I’m hitting the bike in the Underground, or body rolling in hip hop, I’m always dressed to take on a killer workout without sacrificing any of the style.

Megan_4My favorite outfits usually include a mix and match of tops or bottoms in neutrals with unique details like mesh or cutouts, alongside vibrant pieces in an assortment of patterns and color combinations. With workout wear having such a trending moment in fashion right now, it’s been fun watching existing favorite brands come up with new styles, and also discovering new brands to try. Some of my go-to sites include Nike, Lululemon, and Stylerunner.

Get To Know the Defy Yoga Team

If you’re a Defy Yoga regular, you know that uforia’s spin on yoga has undergone a bit of a makeover. If you still haven’t tried the newest class on our schedule, there has never been a better time to get your stretch on!

Defy Yoga seeks to create more awareness and openness in the body and mind. Our heated yoga is taught Vinyasa-style with elements of core-strength, balance, and stretching. Deep, beautiful, and inspiring music will help guide you out of chaos into alignment, and out of stress into serenity. All levels welcome.

Defy Yoga is now offered Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings at 7:35pm, so come join Katie and Amy for the perfect end to your busy day. You deserve it.




Born in Denver but raised right here in the Bay Area, Amy brings an incredible energy to the studio and is always ready to greet you with a hug and a beaming smile. When she isn’t teaching or practicing yoga, you’ll find her at concerts, behind a camera lens, or hitting the road to explore new places.


What do you love about teaching Defy Yoga?: 

Defy is extremely is super approachable, inspirational and introduces a holistic perspective about the human experience. Our core values are based in experimentation, not performance or perfection. It’s about making falling fun and not embarrassing. It’s also about acceptance, gratitude and vulnerability in order to produce inner/outer evolution and transformation. I teach yoga to help others help themselves…seeing people’s lives change after practicing is so fulfilling.

What makes uforia special?: 

The excitement of the clients is amazing, and the space is unbeatable – I love that it’s in an old church!

Fun Fact: 

I’m a Christmas baby!


Katie joins us from Fremont and is a woman with a sense of adventure!  She loves being outdoors and is currently learning to do yoga on a paddleboard. Now that takes skill! She brings warmth and joy to the mat in every Defy class. Katie is also joining the GRIT team, so look forward to more chances to embrace the sweat with her.


What do you love about teaching Defy Yoga?: 

I enjoy meeting people who are new to yoga, as well as those who are getting back into it. It’s great seeing them grow in their practice. Defy is a hybrid class so it’s never the same routine – folks come with an open mind and that’s fun!

What makes uforia special?: 

My favorite thing about uforia is the ENERGY! Whether people are heading into class in the Underground, leaving a Hip Hop party, or getting ready to hit the mats in Defy, everyone is full of energy and there is a buzz in their footsteps that I just love. uforia is such a fun place to teach and take classes!

Fun Fact: 

My first concert was a Hanson concert. I was 9 and was convinced that I would marry the drummer, Zack! Mmmbop!


All About Us: Jess’s Favorites



Here at uforia, the fall is bringing lots of fun changes to the schedule. One exciting change is that, for the first time, you’ll be able to catch our Senior Program Manager and Revolutions Master Teacher, Jess, during the day! Starting tomorrow, she’ll be rocking the Underground on Tuesdays at 11:45am, in addition to Wednesday nights at 5:30pm. Check out some of her favorite things and favorite beats below, then come join her for an awesome, high-energy ride!


Favorite time of year:

sf fallSan Francisco in the fall – it’s finally summer in San Francisco! Sunny, fog-less days have arrived and I’m looking forward to finally going outside without a hoodie stashed in my backpack. October also brings two of my all-time favorite things, Fleet Week and Giants post season baseball (fingers crossed)!

Favorite pre-workout snack:

Hard boiled eggs are my absolute favorites – between my husband, Posey and myself we go through two cartons a week! A little salt, pepper and sriracha and I’m good to go.

harvest coconut waterFavorite post-workout fuel:

Harmless Harvest coconut water – my favorite way to refuel post class. This brand is a little nuttier and not as sweet as some of the others I’ve tried. Don’t be scared of the pink ones, they are just as good (if not better)!

Favorite guilty pleasure:

HZN_PP_Hero_Cheese_Slc_Am1American cheese! Horizon actually makes organic slices that you can get at Whole Foods now, which has only encouraged my love. There’s something so nostalgic about a grilled cheese just like my mom used to make for me after school! I’m also guilty of indulging in a little bit of the Bachelor from time to time…

Favorite icon:

I went to the On the Run tour so I’m still on a bit of a Bey/Jay high. Probably a tie between Beyonce and Tina Turner (who I absolutely want to be when I grow up. She’s one of the original divas)!

Favorite part of my job:

The team! I’ve always felt incredibly lucky to be a part of the Revolutions crew not to mention the uforia team as a whole. Everyone brings a unique perspective to the table and I’m constantly learning. I love that!

Favorite beats for the Fall:

Meet The New Concierge Team

We’re sad to say goodbye to our wonderful crew of summer concierge, but we’re thrilled to welcome our new team. These ladies sure know how to provide service with a smile, so be sure to say hi and introduce yourself next time you stop by the front desk or enjoy a post-class chilled towel!


Sam is a Mountain View native who recently returned to the area after college in Oregon. She loves the amazing community and relationships at uforia, and is a big fan of GRIT because she loves weight training and the awesome music. When she’s not at uforia, she is usually at the park playing with her English Bulldog puppy, Chloe.

What she’s listening to now: Jessie J – Bang Bang : How could you not love this infectious beat??


Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 3.22.55 PMHannah: 

Hannah hails from Tucson, AZ but moved to the Bay Area after finishing grad school in Boston. She is currently a School Librarian, but when she isn’t hitting the books, she loves sweating it out in uforia’s innovative classes. She’s obsessed with the garlic fries at The Patio and has a soft spot for Rocket Fizz on University.

What she’s listening to now: Jenny Lewis – Just One Of The Guys : The music video, which features Lewis, Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, and Brie Larsen dressed as guys, really did it for me. It’s hilarious, and, as usual for Jenny Lewis, gets a lot said while being catchy.



Joy comes to us from Colorado. She recently moved to Palo Alto to be closer to family and discovered uforia as a client – she loves Revolutions for the great music and sweaty workout, and loves that uforia makes working out fun! When she’s not at uforia, she is working on her nursing degree. She also loves to play basketball, spoil her 12 week old niece, and spend time outdoors.

What she’s listening to now: Rend Collective – My Lighthouse : This song is uplifting and inspiring and always reminds me that even on difficult days I can find strength and hope in the fact that there is love to guide me through! There is a lighthouse to lead me safely to shore during the difficult storms of life.


meg 200 by 300Meg: 

Meg was born and raised in Burlingame and is a senior at Menlo School. She loves the supportive, fun-loving, and community-centered atmosphere at uforia. You’ll find her dancing it out in the Underground in Revolutions and she’s always game for a post-class treat at Fraiche or Scoop! When she isn’t at uforia, she plays on the Menlo lacrosse team and enjoys spending time with her friends. 

What she’s listening to now: Becky G – Shower : It always gets me really pumped up and it’s so much fun to sing along to!